It’s your lucky day /Curatorship of a series of events fusing art and cuisine

Scrollster, "It's your lucky day", installation view. Photo ©Gema Darbo / Meeatings23

Scrollster, “It’s your lucky day”, installation view.
Photo ©Gema Darbo / Meeatings23

Definition of a curatorial line of work for a new space. Curatorhsip of the exhibition/event “It’s your lucky day”, presenting the artist twosome Scrollster and the chef Pablo Albuerne


Throughout 2011


Meeatings23, Barcelona, Catalonia.


Curatorship, space refurbishment, exhibition set up, communication: Iñigo Martínez Möller / Portmanteau Productions


Meeatings23 asked us to define a line of work for the exhibition space in the ground floor of their new three-story building in the hip neighbourhood of Gracia. We conceived a series of events fusing contemporary art and cuisine and were consulted for the design and refurbishment of the exhibition space.

We curated the first event to be held in this brand new space. We asked the artist twosome Scrollster (Canada / UK) to work together with the chef Pablo Albuerne (Catalunya) in an exhibition and unique event, happening on 11/11/2011. The exhibition showcased new works by Scrollster. During the opening, edible collaborative pieces between the artists and the cook were produced and offered to the public. The atmosphere throughout the event was very special, inviting to new interactions between guests, artists and chef. The attendees also enjoyed the artworks in a new manner.


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