SOMA /Curatorship of an exhibition in a stone vaulted cellar in Paris

SOMA installation view

Curatorhsip of the exhibition “Totem” by the artist duo SOMA in Art’Inn Concept Store (Paris)


From 4 June until 31 July 2015


Art’Inn Concept Store, 9 rue Oberkampf, Paris, France.


Art’Inn asked us to curate the first exhibition in their brand new space. The main challenge was to show in a small vaulted cellar with stone walls that can’t be drilled, with the possibility of using some of the walls on the (more standard) ground floor space. We decided to ask the artist duo SOMA to create sculptures made of paper and cardboard, which were set to remind a photography studio, to enhance the light, volume, colour and stillness of the sculptures. Editions with images taken from the sculptures were on display upstairs. This was SOMA’s first exhibition ever.


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