Restival /Artist booking for a unique festival in the Sahara

Blow-up by Boris Hoppek. Photo ©Boris Hoppek

Booking of artists for Restival, a festival about culture, nature, creativity and yoga unveiling the art of disconnection.



From 16 until 20 November 2015


Camp Adounia, M’Hamid, Morocco.


We hired two artists who would interact and work with the festival attendees, involving them in the process of making art while contributing to create a unique experience and atmosphere. Boris Hoppek produced giant blow-up figures that got lost in Sahara’s endless horizon with which people could play. Dunja Jankovic updated body paint art through geometric and minimal shapes that reinforced the feeling of a festival tribe.

This was Restival’s first edition. New editions will take place soon. + info:


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