Si Déu Vol /Curatorship of an artist residency in Mallorca

Laura Bonnefous, photo from the series "Out of Line"

Laura Bonnefous, photo from the series “Out of Line”

Curatorship of the summer residency program of Si Déu Vol in Mallorca (Spain) and its closing exhibition.



From 1 July until 22 September 2016


Si Déu Vol, Muro (Mallorca), Spain.


We  are in charge of selecting the artists that will be invited to work and live for a few weeks in Si Déu Vol‘s residency program in Mallorca (Spain). The space operates as an art gallery and workshop but, during the summer, the space is transformed into a house and studio.


Portmanteu Productions has actively pushed its selection to gather artists from different countries, backgrounds and media (street art, photography, drawing, sculpture, performance, installation, etc.). They are lodged and granted a small fee to cover part of their expenses. We’re working closely with them in developing site specific projects involving the town of Muro and its inhabitants.


The artists in the 2016 residency are: Javier Calleja, Levalet, Dunja Jankovic, Anne Lopez and Laura Bonnefous.




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