Iguapop Gallery /Gallery director


Boris Hoppek "Viva España" exhibition (2006) installation view. Photo © Boris Hoppek

Boris Hoppek “Viva España” exhibition (2006) installation view.
Photo © Boris Hoppek

Portmanteau Productions’ founder Iñigo Martínez was the director of this mythical art gallery owned by the concert promoter Robert Grima in Barcelona (Spain), since its opening in 2003 until it closed down in 2010. Seven years devoted mostly (but not only) to street art and pop surrealism. We were pioneers in Europe, the only gallery to sell the very first Picturesonwalls Banksy editions, hosting the first shows in Europe of artists such as Tim Biskup, supporting the career of at that time relatively unknown artists like Miss Van or Boris Hoppek, promoting and boosting the work and career of young local artists, attending art fairs in Barcelona, Madrid, Miami, New York, London and Tokyo. We were featured in magazines like Juxtapoz or books like Beyond the Street (Gestalten Verlag) as one of the most influential galleries in the world.

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